Nedinsco-complex (interior)

  • About the project

    The municipality of Venlo builds a new city hall as state-of-the-art example of Cradle to Cradle design. A project that is less known, is the nearby located Nedinsco-complex in which 2,000 m2 is furnished as office space for the municipal organization. Builds in the 1930s, the Nedinsco-complex is an industrial monument and recently renovated. The municipality hires the ground floor. In line with the Cradle to Cradle ambitions of the municipality, the C2C-principles are used to a maximum by furnishing this ground floor.

    The project is realized recently. The C2C-elements are clearly visible for the users and visitors of the municipal organization, like the furniture, the floor covering and even the toilet paper. Beside, in the fixed furniture, the C2C principles are translated to a maximum. For example in the dividing walls, wall finishes en screens.  

    In addition, Cradle to Cradle certified materials are used for fixed elements such as door frames, plinths, closets and pantries. All these materials are healthy and safe and designed to return in a cycle after the defined use time. Beside, these materials have a positive impact on for example the indoor air quality and finance.

    The great thing is that these innovations are now visible, which will encourage the awareness of the users and visitors. Arrangements are made with the suppliers to take their products back after the use time. Part of these arrangements is that the financial value of materials is preserved. It was agreed that producers in ten years take back their products, and make a returnable deposit.  

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