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To meet our client’s goal of creating the first full-service Cradle to Cradle-inspired development in the Netherlands, WM+P is designing an inspirational environment that stimulates the creativity and effectiveness of employees by creating safe and healthy places for work and recreation.

Responding to its unique cultural, environmental and contextual challenges, the Park 20|20 master plan creates a mixed-use development that synthesizes the issues of access and mobility, connectivity, passive design, and integrated energy, water and waste management systems. The site, adjacent to Schiphol Airport, provides easy access to the region and beyond through air, rail, bus, and bicycle routes. Green zones, urban plazas, public gardens and canal boardwalks within Park 20|20 encourage a connection to the larger community. Each building’s size and massing is optimized for solar orientation so that these exterior green spaces and the building interiors are flooded with daylight. A model of holistic, closed-loop design, Park 20|20 will function as a dynamic environmental system that enhances the local community, its ecosystem and its economy.


  • Bluewater
  • FIFPro
  • Fox Vakanties
  • Biological Nutrient Pavilion
  • Technical Nutrient Pavilion
  • B/S/H/ Office
Cradle to Cradle
  • Use of Defined products and materials for healthy buildings
  • Integration of optimum solar and wind orientation (to reduce energy demand) for building within the context of the tight urban block and the development programme requirements by adjusting the building massing to ensure solar access in winter.
  • Integration of regenerative landscape strategies respectful of the ‘cultural landscape’ and the distinct planning template of the ‘polder grammatical’ (narrow lots and orthogonal roads, vegetation and canals) by: introducing a more ecologically diverse plant palette, using the landscape standards in exterior planting and creating a more biologically robust interior gardens, connecting the interior gardens to regional ecology with landscape corridors, creating additional landscape area on roof surfaces and parking decks.
  • Implementation of effective district-scaled sustainable infrastructure approaches by aligning scale and types of land uses (i.e. hotel demand for hot water using office wastewater treatment output of biogas fuel for heating) and creating a centralized treatment facility for wastewater, energy and stormwater on site.
  • Implementation of C2C agenda of waste-free design by treating wastewater on site, capturing energy and soil amendments, and eliminating sewage discharge. 
  • A central feature of Park 20|20 is a grey water treatment in a central plant clarification basin with a Helophyte filter. The average cost (cost per treated unit ) for grey water recycling was reduced, because the amount of grey water increased by connecting several buildings to the basin. Thus the fixed costs are spread out over more units of output.
  • The same applies to using the buildings as “material banks”. The design of intelligent, weight reduced buildings allows every component to be reused in another production process or returned as raw material. To think about such “Materials banks” only makes sense, if the amount of material is adequate.
  • All buildings were equipped with glasses from AGC, the only Cradle to Cradle (C2C) glass manufacturer in Europe in different buildings at Park 20|20. This reduced the average cost (cost per unit) in furnishing several buildings. The same applied to engineering and landscape service, where the fees per building went down because the size of the project grew.

Other economies of scope and scale at Park 20|20 are:

-        Site-wide heating & cooling which reduces mechanical room costs for each building,

-        Thermal balancing between buildings, only possible with site-wide heating & cooling,

-        Site-wide capacity to use e.g. solar panels which reduces per unit and inverter hardware cost, 

-        Capacity to negotiate common services like recycling,

-        Energy company servicing the site with integrated solutions.

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