Solarwind (Pilot Project C2C BIZZ)

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    Solarwind is a CO2 neutral building with C2C certified products integrated, and is the world ‘s first triple certified building (HQE, Breeam & DGNB). The building is located in Ecoparc Windhof GIE, using all available renewable technologies. The aim of the Ecoparc Windhof cooperation is to make the business park more sustainable, by improving economic and social development and creating a positive impact on the surroundings. On the site the willingness to apply a revolutionary way of making business already exists. Different companies work together on a voluntary basis to go beyond sustainability by applying C2C principles. The companies are creating value by using synergies. • Increased amount of renewable energy sources geothermal, photo- voltaic, wind, thermal, Canadian dwell, free venting • Increased biodiversity: green walls and green roof and bees Improved water usage: rainwater collection system • Sharing of installation. Conference rooms fitness • Using of C2C materials on the top floor • Increase business diversity child care, restaurant and many different activities and organization of internal presentations and meetings. Let’s first look at electricity In a first instance the partners decided to have a competitive bidding process for the supply of ‘green’ electricity. By putting together all the purchasing power they were able to reduce the total cost and to be supplied with electricity produced exclusively via renewable resources. In a second step a best practice office building has been built, which integrates all possible renewable energies together in a revolutionary concept: geothermic, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, and biomass. The biomass is actually provided by another member that has a certain amount of wooden pallets as left over. In addition in several buildings the use of energy was monitored, in order to find the best ways to save electrical energy, so that they can share best practices. In addition a quick scan method has been applied on site in order to get an overview of the total potential for renewable energies on site. The continuous loop process. First of all they investigated the total amount of waste generated on site and the quality of the materials. In 3 different areas the waste streams are well segregated in order to increase to the maximum the quality of the materials. By doing so there is a way to generate a small income from this material flow, instead of paying for it. In addition they have implemented a separate on site waste collection system for high quality paper. This paper quality can be returned to a paper manufacturer and the loop could be closed in such a way. They are financing his additional effort by combining this with an additional service: preservation of confidentiality. The process put in place makes sure that the confidentiality is reserved until the paper has been shredded on site. This is an illustration that you can add a positive effect to a positive effect. Visit website:

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