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    The city of Venlo has high cradle to cradle ambitions. Those words are transformed into acts, looking at the newly built City Hall, sport complex Egerbos and the primary school De Zuidstroom. And a new project arises: the municipality is realizing an cradle to cradle inspired Sports hall.

    “The city of Venlo embraces C2C to offer the region a new economic perspective,” explains project manager Ralph Thijssen. Bas van de Westerlo from the C2C ExpoLAB was asked to take part in the design team. “He helped us defining our C2C-ambitions & -goals and together we worked together from the initial phase until realisation.” The design team was further complemented by Quant Architecture and installation consultancy Volantis.

    The focus is especially on clean energy, materials and health. It is obviously preferable when synergy benefits can be achieved by connecting C2C-theme’s to one another.

    Particularly for this project is the manner of circular procurement. In the tender, market participants are challenged to achieve the highest achievable quality on C2C within the available budget. C2C goals are included in the Program of Requirements (= minimum) as awarding criteria. On the one hand, participants were asked to provide a C2C-vision for this project, as a Program of Wishes as additional circular opportunities.

    Role C2C ExpoLAB:

    • Determine circular / cradle to cradle objectives;
    • Anchor project goals in the program of requirements;
    • Integrate project goals in tender documents for both design- as construction team, including awarding criteria and assessment system;
    • Organization of a prebid meeting / briefing to candidate tenderers;
    • Reviewing registrations, taking part in assessment committee and being present at verification conversations;
    • Member of the design team;
    • Monitoring formulated C2C objectives and providing advice;
    • Support during the realization phase.


    Some results:

    • The gym provides more energy then it consumes;
    • Over 23 Cradle to Cradle Certified materials are used;
    • Agreements have been made with suppliers regarding residual value on materials;
    • A green demolition plan will be drawn up;
    • The city creates a positive cash flow, saving around € 300.000,- by investing in sustainable / cradle to cradle solutions (compared to a traditional approach);
    • There are green facades and roofs;
    • The gym will be a learning tool for the nearby-located primary school.

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