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The purpose of the Guideline for diversity is to offer information about the ways to realize more diversity on a business site in a biological, social/cultural and economic/conceptual way. It helps target groups developing designs to (re)develop business sites incorporating diversity, so that they become more flexible in terms of current and future use, different types of users, more accessible and mixable with other forms of space use (including nature). It contains a general guideline, a checklist and a scheme of consecutive steps.

How to celebrate diversity in business parks design and use? 

As W. McDonough and M. Braungart described in 2003
the C2C principle “Celebrate diversity”, Nature is the most inspiring source of ecological design. Applying it to business
parks design implies thinking first about the way Nature would develop it.

The 3rd principle “celebrate diversity” is a very broad principle. In fact, it includes diversity of design, conception, and management, but also, economic, social cultural and ecological values and eco-systems. 

Land is a non renewable resource. Due to this, overconsumption and non optimized consumption of land have to be stopped for different reasons: environmental of course, but also social and economic reasons. Developing dense and intense business parks allowing optimized and smart land consumption is essential.

Furthermore, the obsolescence of business parks (technical, legal and economic reasons...) feeds parks’ inactivity which becomes dead and unattractive places for companies. Brownfield and obsolete installations lead to an “old- fashioned” image for the business park. A business park of the 21st century is a place where activities reinvent themselves, where land can have diverse functions during their entire life cycle.

This context leads to 2 main questions:

  • How should C2C help to design business parks that will not lead to brownfields anymore?
  • How could diversity of nature be an example to optimize land consumption? 

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