Guideline for energy assessment of building sites

  • Evaluate the energy potential of several renewable energies
  • Matching energy production and demand
  • Inspired by C2C approach
  • English, French and German

The objective of the tool is to support the implementation of renewable energy solutions in business sites inspired by the C2C approach. An energy positive business site means that the energy produced on the site is higher than the energy consumed in the same area. The main focus of the tool lies in how to evaluate the energy potential of several renewable energies (solar, wind, geothermal) for a specific location. The matching of both energy production and demand, necessary for the increase use of renewable energies, is also discussed in the tool (e.g. smart grids).

The tool contains out of a rapport and excel

Tool as excel document English

Tool as excel document French

Tool as excel document German

Guideline English

Guideline French

Guideline German

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