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  • C2C credentials of site development projects translated into financial values that investors
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The main purpose of the valuation tool component of C2C BIZZ is to develop a methodology for evaluating the economic performance of Cradle to Cradle (C2C) features in the context of spatial development. This is intended to be a means for understanding the business merits of C2C in spatial developments. The valuation tool will also identify means of enhancing the strength of the business case and financial incentives for investing in sites with C2C credentials (PAD, p.38). In evaluating the economic performance of C2C, the differential effects of the various C2C features/factors in spatial developments must be taken into account. 

The potential users of the tool are:

  • Decision-making bodies on all political and administrative levels involved in developing business parks.
  • Owners and tenants (potential and actual) of plots or buildings in the park.

The tool will help developers and planners of C2C inspired business areas to create a business case with due consideration of the specific C2C aspects integrated in
their development and their economic effects. Companies interested in settlement on the planned or yet to be implemented C2C business area may use the instrument for the same reason.

Exchange and discussion between the involved parties on ‘site level’ and ‘company level’ during the use of the tool and at the stage of intermediate results affords the opportunity to optimize possible synergies and to clarify the business case.

The Tools

Valudation tool addresses the aspect of financial feasibility and viability of C2C in business parks

The second tool (value indexing tool) addresses the aspect of proper allocation of available funds to C2C elements by helping developers/owners identify and prioritise the most important C2C attributes based on user perceptions. It requires a survey of site users. Long term, its use will enable data to be generated to improve the main valuation tool.

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